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Android P: The Stable Edition of the Next OS to Arrive Soon

Android P: The Stable Edition of the Next OS to Arrive Soon

You may remember that Google announced their next operating system Android P through their I/O Developer Conference this year. The date of the announcement was May 8th, 2018 and now we may see the new OS soon. Many new reports suggest that Google may soon announce the release date. Therefore the excitement is increasing with every passing day. Google is working on Android P for a long time and the upcoming OS will bring many new functions to the device. The compatible devices will receive this operating system and users will get the new set of characteristics. It will assist them to check different features on their gadgets.

Many experts are saying that we may receive some details related to Android P on August 20th, 2018. If this is the official release date, then we will see the new operating system exactly after 364 days of the Android Oreo operating system. The company already brought the fourth and final edition of Android P for developers last week. Therefore the chances are that we may not have to wait for long to see the stable edition of Android P. This upcoming operating system can offer many new functions to the users. There can be a new navigation system in the devices. Moreover, users may be able to check different functions within the apps. The material designs with fresh updates can give a new look to the display.

There is no doubt that many Android P can offer many changes to the user. The battery of the device can be improved significantly. Therefore a lot of new things are expected this time. However, it will be interesting to see how many users are going to update to the new Android P in coming months. If we check the past records, then we will find that users take a lot of time to update their operating systems. They keep using the old operating system and they do not pay much attention to the new updates. The new Android P is going to arrive within the next few days. Therefore many specialists are eagerly waiting to see the new updates. They also want to know the name of this OS which is not clear at this point.

We may get some information about Android P on August 20th, 2018. We may either see the stable version of this OS or we may get the release date. The previous trends give a clue that we may see the new OS on this date. The next OS is very important for the industry. It will help the smartphone makers to bring many new functions as well as additional capabilities to the gadget. We will share the related updates with you in future.

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