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Oppo F9 to Be Launched in August

Oppo F9 to Be Launched in August

The notch display is the trend of the market. You may already know that Apple iPhone X model was among the first where we saw this type of display. Similarly, Essential PH-1 was also there at the same time. Now Oppo is ready to bring some changes in this segment as they are looking to launch Oppo F9 in August. This upcoming smartphone will assist the users to capture top-quality selfies. The ‘F’ series models by Oppo are known for their selfies and the company is working to improve this segment. Oppo fans already know that they brought the model ‘Find X’ in June. Now, we are going to see the next model by the company.

Oppo F9 will be a selfie-centric smartphone where you will find the smaller notch with waterdrop screen design. This gadget will have the notch smaller than Oppo F7 and it can have 90.8% screen-to-body ratio. The waterproof features can also be supportive for the users. Oppo is looking to launch this model in Malaysia. They may not take much time to bring this model to the international market. Oppo Malaysia has already confirmed that the smaller notch will be the part of Oppo F9. They are working to launch this smartphone in August. Oppo is talking about ‘waterdrop screen’. There is no specific information about the working of this screen. Some specialists are claiming that the display can have some waterproof capabilities.

Oppo is regularly working to launch different types of models from the last few months. They may follow the same strategy for F9 also as we may see three different models here. The company is looking to launch this smartphone as a midrange smartphone. You may get a dual camera setup here at the back side. Many people are saying that Oppo may include the same processor here which is already available in Oppo F7. However, we still have to check this segment.

Oppo F9 Pro is expected to be a little different than the other two models. You may find some AI-backed features here. Therefore the gadget may offer you the better results. There is no official announcement about the release date but you may not have to wait for long. Oppo is regularly bringing some influential devices into the market. They are now ready to show their next smartphone. Check this smartphone if you are looking for a midrange gadget next month.

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