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Facebook Introduces a New Social Video Watching Feature

Facebook Introduces a New Social Video Watching Feature

Facebook was recently discussing the point to bring the people together around videos. They have taken the step in this direction as they introduced a new feature called ‘Watch Party’. This new feature will permit the members of a particular group to come together and watch the videos in real time. These members of the group can not only watch the videos but they can make their comments. Therefore it seems that YouTube has a new competitor now in this segment. The feature is going to be extremely handy for many users of Facebook. They need not have to visit any other platform for their real-time videos.

Facebook knows it very well that what people expect these days. Therefore they do not hesitate to update the platform within a short span of time. We have seen that they are bringing new functions regularly from last two years and this new function is the next step in this direction. The new function ‘Watch Party’ is not for the live videos only. They can also watch the recorded sections. So it is very clear that you can watch the videos as per your convenience. Interact with other members of the group and get their views on it.

This new feature clearly gives the hint that Facebook is looking to expand their reach in a new way. They are now working to bring new video streaming sections to provide additional features to their users. We were discussing with you that Facebook was looking to move ahead aggressively through video streaming segment. This is the first major step by the platform. They are now looking beyond their own famous categories. This will help many people across the globe to utilize different features at the same place.

Users can now easily check this new function. They can choose the video of their choice and they can invite members to check. There will be a separate window for the discussions and users can interact with each other to share their views. The new function ‘Watch Party’ will not be limited to groups only. Facebook is working to bring this feature for Pages. Therefore people may get the option to talk about organizations as well as public figures. The company is not saying anything about this feature for regular profiles. The global launch of this function will give you the insight report on it. Facebook has arranged a weekend of watch parties with the support of different groups to explain the things clearly. You may not have to wait for long to use this function.

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