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Apple May Use Intel Modems in 2018 iPhone

Apple May Use Intel Modems in 2018 iPhone

There are possibilities that the 2018 iPhone may not work with the same speed as the current model. Apple is ready to make some changes and it may surprise many iPhone users across the globe. The company is planning to add Intel chips in 2018 iPhone. If that happens, then you may find the download speed a little less than the Android gadgets. There were some rumours from last one year that Apple was planning to drop Qualcomm in upcoming devices. Now Qualcomm has officially declared the same. The financial chief of Qualcomm recently informed that they believe that Apple was planning to use the competitor’s modems in the upcoming products. However, the company will keep providing the modems for Apple legacy devices.

There were some issues going on for the past few months. The main issue was related to licensing and experts believe that it was the main reason due to which Apple decided to shift to the competitor’s modems. It is now almost certain that Intel will be the partner of Apple to provide the modems. Apple was already working on this direction as they were designing the new iPhone and iPad models without Qualcomm chips. Now, the whole scenario makes the thing clear and Qualcomm will not be the partner for Apple’s upcoming devices.

The antitrust measures and lawsuits have affected the relations between the companies. Apple was planning to move ahead for a long time. Intel is expected to be the partner of Apple, but we cannot say with surety that this partnership will work for long. They may jointly work for 2018 iPhone but there is uncertainty in this affiliation also. People close to the industry are saying that Apple was not interested to use Intel’s Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi parts beyond 2019. They want something different for 2020 devices and currently, Intel has not said anything on it.

It will be very interesting to see how Intel chips are going to perform here. Apple will surely not like to decrease the speed of the device. Therefore Intel may work in a different manner here. It is the lawsuits which spoiled the relations of Apple and Qualcomm. We do not know the future but many industry experts believe that it is just the temporary phase. Therefore is no specific information if Intel will remain the partner in 2020 also. Therefore changes may happen in coming times.

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