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Snapchat lenses not working error can be fixed manually on Apple devices

In a tweets, Snapchat announced a major update that brings two features for Snapchatters. The update was quite interesting because of premium replays and selfie lenses. As we talked before, the developer included minor bug fixes, lenses features, trophies and paid replays. Overall, the lenses feature that sounds very impressive. In the advanced facial recognition, you can animate your face in lenses, which is also called as selfie mode. It includes total 7 different customization mode, where Snapchatters can choose any one animate at a time. The feature coded to track your face movement and attribute animation.

The lenses feature was the best part of the major snapshot updates. A couple of days back, Snapchat released latest version in Google Play and iTunes stores. Unfortunately, many users reported “lenses doesn’t working on my device” in their official blog. At first, we thought that, it could be non-supported devices. This bug issue was found not only in low end Smartphone, but devices like iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Lg G3, OnePlus One users also had the same issues. No Problem, we are here to help you to add lenses features manually.

Note: Use this trick at your own risk, we are not responsible for any damages or software problem on your device.  

To begin with the process, you need to jailbreak iPhone or iPad. This can be done by following instruction on with jailbreak tool (TaiG). Ensure that, you completed jailbreaking your device. Now access Cydia application and download tweak application. Once the installation completed, restart your phone and start flex in home screen.

Move on to patches and tap on Plus icon, which take you to the list of installed applications. Now look for Snapchat application and prompt the permission to add some codes. Add below given code once your screen move to variables.

  • -(BOOL)isIphone6 – TRUE
  • -(BOOL)isLowEndModel – FALSE
  • -(BOOL)isIphone4OrEarlier – FALSE
  • -(BOOL)isIphone – TRUE
  • -(BOOL)isIphone:(id) – TRUE (only for BOOL parameter)
  • -(BOOL)isSlowDevice – FALSE
  • -(BOOL)areLensesSupported – TRUE

As you can see in the above code, lenses supported is attributed to true command. The Lenses feature will works, when you add this command in variable tab. Once you complete all steps, save the changes and restart your device. Look for selfie filters in the Snapchat application. Some users might face slowdown while using Snapchat due to outdated hardware. This is a manual method to turn on lenses features in Apple devices. This new trick works fine on iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPad mini devices. If you do have any problem or success, feel free to add your comment below. Don’t forget to share and connect with us socially for more updates on Snapchat.

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