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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512GB Price Revealed

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512GB Price Revealed

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is in news from many months now. We are sharing the latest developments about this model with you regularly to bring the latest updates. There are some new reports about this model now. A new leaked report suggests that we may see different types of variants of Galaxy Note 9 this year. The base model can be of 128GB instead of 64GB and there can be a 512GB variant also. Users may get better memory options this time but there is one point which can be tricky for many people. The price of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may force many users to think cautiously before finalizing the model. Many experts are almost sure that the price-tag may break the heart of many potential buyers.

You may find the 512GB variant in Black or Blue colours. The gadget may not look very different from the current Galaxy Note model but the RAM can be 8GB here. Memory is the part which may make this year’s Galaxy Note model special. Many specialists are claiming that Samsung is working to improve this section to make the gadget unique in its segment. This is increasing the cost of the device. The upcoming 512GB Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may cost around $1460. It is going to be pricey this time. Therefore market analysts will surely like to check the response of the customers.

Samsung is not only working to enhance the memory. They are also working to improve the performance of other departments. We may get a new S Pen with additional features. The gadget can have the battery of 4000mAh and the camera can have better characteristics. Bixby 2.0 can be connected with third-party apps which can give better results to the users. The camera of Galaxy Note 9 may also give you the top-quality outcome. You may find a new Deepsea Blue model and a Lilac Purple variant. Therefore users may get more options.

The front section of Galaxy Note 9 can be very similar to Galaxy Note 8. However, the back section is going to be different from the current range. There can be a horizontally aligned dual-camera setup with LED flash. The fingerprint sensor is expected to be close to the camera. This arrangement is undoubtedly odd for many people. There is no information right now if this is the final design by Samsung for this device.

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