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Samsung Galaxy Watch may arrive in Two Different Sizes

Samsung Galaxy Watch may arrive in Two Different Sizes

You may already know that Samsung smartwatches were called ‘Gear’ for four years. Now, Samsung is changing the plan and they are rebranding the device under their famous ‘Galaxy’ series. The new name can be Samsung Galaxy Watch which is appearing more promising for the market. The market trusts the brand ‘Galaxy’ and it has inspired the company to bring this gadget under this name. Therefore you may see some changes in the logo in the future but the company is not taking any chances with the quality. Samsung Galaxy watch has just received the US FCC certification and many reports are claiming that Samsung may launch this model along with Galaxy Note 9.

The smartwatch market cannot be compared with the smartphone market. However, there is no doubt that the market share of smartwatches is increasing every month. You can easily find people using them and we will surely see many new changes in this segment. Some new reports suggest that Samsung is looking to launch two different types of smartwatches this year. The size is going to be different. Therefore users can select the watch as per the size of their wrists. The company is working on different segments here. So you may find the watch comfortably according to your choice.  A few days ago we got the information that Samsung was looking to offer multiple variants, but we still have to confirm this report.

The round display of the first watch can be of 1.19-inch. You may find 43.4mm chassis here. The second model can be of 1.3 inches and the chassis can be of 48mm. Some experts are claiming that the bigger watch can be a sports variant machine while the second gadget may belong to the traditional variant. There are some new reports that Samsung wants to include WearOS in both the models. This may change the functions of the gadget. Samsung is currently working on these models. If they are planning to bring these watches with WearOS, then makers may take their own time to show the device. It will not be a big surprise if Samsung decides to launch this model in the IFA event in Berlin. Samsung watch may accept the challenge of Apple watch. The competition can be highly exciting for the market. We will share more information about it coming weeks. Stay tuned to check more developments.

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