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Samsung may Merge their Galaxy S and Galaxy Note Series

Samsung may Merge their Galaxy S and Galaxy Note Series

Galaxy ‘S’ and Galaxy ‘Note’ series. These two different series are expected to be a unified series in coming times which may change the premium lineup of the brand. These reports are not official at present. However, the chances are high that it will happen in future. Samsung is undoubtedly the leader of the Android smartphone market and they may take this decision for the betterment of the company. There are some important reasons due to which the company may be forced to take this step.

We all know that many Chinese makers are offering some good models on the market. Now, these makers are offering the models with a less price-tag without compromising with the quality of the gadgets. This is a vital factor and people prefer these models in many parts of the globe. The overall profit of Samsung has decreased because of this reason. The company is looking to control the expenses to avoid any trouble. Therefore they will prefer to take the steps which can be highly useful for the brand. If they combine the two premium series, then it will help them to control the expenses.

The second reason is the arrival of the new ‘X’ series. Many sources are indicating that Samsung is looking to launch a new Galaxy ‘X’ series which can be a foldable premium model. Therefore we may see two different types of premium models in the future. The first model can be a foldable device and the second can be a non-foldable device. Therefore users can have the option to choose their product with ease. Samsung brings their premium ‘S’ series and ‘Note’ series models at the different time. Now, most of the users do not find any genuine reason to shift to another premium model after a few months. The new ‘X’ series model may give the option to the users to check a different model.

It generally happens that most of the hardware segments are almost similar in ‘Note’ and ‘S’ series models. The Galaxy ‘Note’ series has the option of S pen but there are reports that Samsung may offer the same in ‘S’ series also. Therefore they may like to combine both the series in the future to avoid any confusion. The decision is certainly not easy for Samsung. They are checking the possibilities for many months. Some specialists are saying that they may take the step only after releasing their foldable device. We will bring you more related updates in coming months.

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