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Foldable Smartphone by Samsung may arrive at the Beginning of 2019

Foldable Smartphone by Samsung may arrive at the Beginning of 2019

Foldable smartphone by Samsung is in news from last two years. There were some reports in 2017 that Samsung was planning to launch this model. However, it seems that we will not see this model before 2019. Samsung may prefer to show this model in CES 2019 and they bring it into the market later next year. The exact date of availability is not available but some new rumours have again made the things interesting for many Samsung lovers. This upcoming model can have a secondary display which can be used after folding the gadget.

The new reports claim that the screen-size of this model can be 7-inches. You would be able to fold this model with ease, and once you fold, you may see the secondary display. This secondary display may make the gadget very similar to the current models. Therefore you can have the option to utilize the features of tablets and smartphone in one place. People close to the industry are saying that Samsung has not finalized the design till now because they have a secondary plan also. Some sources are saying that Samsung is also working to design a curved battery. If they succeed, it will help the makers to further reduce the size of the smartphone which will make the gadget handier after the fold. Samsung does not have any issues to include the flexible OLED display here as they are already designing it.

Samsung has codenamed the device “Winner” as per the rumoured information. The company may launch this model as a limited release gadget. Moreover, they may bring this smartphone in specific markets only. Samsung wants to become the first maker to bring this type of smartphone. They are already talking about this model from January this year. Therefore it is almost certain that Samsung is looking to launch this model in the future. It can have a whopping price-tag at the time of launch. Some market experts are saying that the price-tag can be close to $1500. Once you fold the gadget, you may find the display at the front section and camera on the back section. It will be interesting to see if this device faces the overheating issues or not. Samsung is currently working to finalize the design. Therefore the makers will take their time to show this smartphone. The name of this model can be Galaxy ‘X’ and it can be the most expensive model by Samsung after the release.

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