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Android P Can Have Features to Improve Battery Life

Android P Can Have Features to Improve Battery Life

Google has worked constantly to improve the battery life of the devices. They brought new characteristics to show the strength of the Android and they are doing it for many years now. The updates helped the operating system to manage the power of the battery efficiently. Moreover, it was helpful to utilize the functions of the operating system without compromising with the power of the battery. There are some new reports about the upcoming Android operating system. The name of this operating system is Android P. There is no information about the official name but some sources are saying that it may be called as Android Pistachio.

There are can be two vital features which can assist you to save the battery life with the assistance of Android P. The first feature is the adaptive battery feature. Some specialists are claiming that Android P would be able to find the apps and services which you utilize frequently. The apps and services which you use frequently will be the priority of Android P. The power of battery will be utilized to manage their functions. The apps and services which you do not use frequently can be turned off. Therefore it will assist you to save the battery as the unused apps and services will not run in the background. This is undoubtedly a good feature if Google decides to bring this feature in Android P.

The second important feature is the adaptive brightness. Here it is important to clarify that adaptive brightness is different from the automatic brightness. Automatic brightness works with the assistance of ambient light sensor. This function checks the brightness of the area of the surroundings to offer you the right kind of display. This is surely very beneficial for all the users. Adaptive brightness is based on automatic brightness. We would like to share an example to explain this point. Suppose the level of brightness goes down in a specific area and you increase it again instantly, then Android P is going to check this function. It will come to know the level of brightness you require in other similar regions and the operating system will work accordingly.

Many people are saying that Google is working on these two functions for many weeks. They are now getting ready to offer these two functions which are very important for all the users. It is understandable how supportive these two functions are to save the battery life. Many Android users were waiting for these two functions for a long time. Now Google is finally working on it and you may find these functions in the upcoming operating system soon.

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