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Samsung may Launch Galaxy J6+ with Snapdragon 450 Processor

Samsung may Launch Galaxy J6+ with Snapdragon 450 Processor

Samsung fans may remember that the brand launched Galaxy J4 and Galaxy J6 two months ago. Galaxy ‘J’ series is the midrange segment by the most famous Android gadget maker and now they are working regularly to expand this series. The company is regularly working to make this series popular because the makers got a mixed response for ‘J’ series from the market. Many people are saying that the specifications of the ‘J’ series are not up to the mark as per the expectations. Therefore now Samsung has decided to work on this section as they are ready to enhance the specifications of the upcoming model under this series.

People close to the industry are saying that Samsung is working on this model under the codename ‘j6plte’. There are chances that it can be J6 Plus LTE device. Many specialists have claimed that Samsung has worked on many ‘J’ series models with easy codenames before. Therefore the chances are that it is going to be correct this time also. There are some leaked specifications which suggest that this model is different from Galaxy J6. The smartphone can have 18.5:9 aspect ratio and the screen-size can be 5.6-inch. You may find HD+ Super AMOLED display here and the smartphone can have Adreno 506 GPU. There is no information about the memory till now. However, it is almost sure that you would be able to expand the memory with the assistance of memory card.

Samsung Galaxy J6+ may work with Snapdragon 450 Processor. The model can have dual rear cameras but you may have the single camera for selfies. The camera specifications are not available till date. The gadget may work with Android Oreo operating system and it can have 4350 mAh battery. We would like to mention here that these reports are just the preliminary reports. The exact details of this model are still not available. We still have no information about the price and the release date.

These are just the rumours about this device. Many specialists are claiming that Samsung may change the plan after some time. They are also working on an Android Go model which may also belong to the midrange segment. Therefore we are not sure if the makers actually decide to bring two midrange models in a short span of time. The coming months are going to be exciting for those who prefer using midrange gadgets. They will find many more new options in the market.

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