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Apple May Launch New iMac, 11-inch iPad Pro and Many More Gadgets This Year

Apple May Launch New iMac, 11-inch iPad Pro and Many More Gadgets This Year

This year Apple may surprise many people across the globe. Some new reports are suggesting that 2018 is going to be special for Apple lovers as they may see many new gadgets by the company. The Cupertino based company has not brought anything special this year till now but it does not mean that they have no plans for 2018. You may see many new things by the fruit company this fall which may change the market next year. We have discussed that Apple is looking to expand their customer-base by bringing some unique gadgets. Now they may show the same by the end of this year.

There are some reports by the industry experts that Apple may launch a new 11-inch iPad Pro this year. Users may find the Face ID feature here and this gadget may not have the home button. The company is not going to limit their new launches to iPhone models only. Many reports are claiming that they are going to update their Mac lineup which can be a big change in the future. There can be a new economical MacBook edition which is going to be different from the MacBook Air variant. If this report is true then we may see the market of Apple expanding more in 2019 in comparison to the previous few years. The additional economical MacBook variant may encourage more people to buy their products.

It can be the first time when we will see Apple paying special attention towards their iPad lineup. Now, apart from 11-inch iPad Pro, we may also see the updated 12.9-inch variant. This model can also have the Face ID feature and Bezels are going to be reduced this time. Many people are saying that Apple may replace the 10.5-inch model with the new 11-inch iPad Pro. Therefore we may have four versions of the iPad this time. The available options can be 7.9 inch, 9.7-inch, 11-inch and the last one is 12.9 inch. This is interesting. Isn’t it?

These are not the only change we may see in Apple products. Some specialists are saying that the company is looking to bring some changes in Apple watches also. The display may be bigger this time and we may see 1.57 inch and 1.78 inches Apple watches this fall. The experts are saying that Apple may also upgrade their Mac lineup within the next few months. You may see new MacBook, MacBook Pro as well as iMac. You may also get a new Mac mini. Surprised? So were we when we got this information.

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