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Apple May Bring a Budget iPhone 9 or iPhone X Model

Apple May Bring a Budget iPhone 9 or iPhone X Model

We still have minimum two months to see the next iPhone models. However, some details have already leaked and it is surprising many specialists around the globe. There are some leaked reports which claim that Apple is looking to bring three iPhone models this year. Now if the information is true then these models are good enough for many people. Apple is looking to offer a budget iPhone model in 2018 and it may help the fruit company to expand their market base. Apple may prefer to do some experiments this year to check the response of the customers. Here we are discussing a few vital points with you to give an idea about the upcoming models.

The first important point is the display of the models. There can be three different models at the time of release. The first model can be iPhone 9 while the second model can be the new edition of iPhone X. Some sources are indicating that these models can have the OLED panel to offer an attractive display. There can be a third model where customers may find LCD screen. These are just the leaked reports at this point. Apple has not made anything official till date and many experts are saying that we may see the models in September. We still have to check if the third model is the toned-down version of iPhone 9 or iPhone X but the design of all the three models are expected to be the same. Apple may keep the designs of the upcoming models similar to the current iPhone X.

There are also reports that Apple is looking to offer iPhone X Plus this year which can have the on-size of 6.5 inches. The fruit company may not change the screen size of iPhone 9 and the next edition of iPhone X but the budget model can have the screen size of 6.1 inches. People close to the industry are also talking about the camera. The experts have claimed that the next iPhone X model can have the vertical dual camera with enhanced capabilities whereas iPhone 9 can have a single rear camera.

Apple is currently doing some tests to finalize the models. The gadgets can have next-gen A12 processors. Therefore you may find a few unique functions to keep the model different from the current models. We will share more information with you about these models in coming weeks.

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