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Snapchat adds Lenses and paid replay features: lenses feature not working on some devices

The Snapchat is mainly known for snap and conversation in a mobile platform. The application provides add-on in Snapchat that enable to share images or videos with friends. It is one kind of chatter box for Smartphone and tablets. Snapchat-lenses-not-working

In the latest update, Snapchat added two new features in Android and iOS operating systems. Both are unique, Snapchat call it has lenses and paid replays. In Selfie mode, users need to press and hold your face, which recognize facial expression. Later on, you can animate or add some effect in pop-up at the bottom. The application also provides us all instructions about lenses.

The Second one is bit more interesting than a selfie mode feature.  Earlier, Snapchatters can only use one replay per day. The application blocks you from more than one replay a day for certain reasons. It’s unfair, when you really want to use more replay feature-but you can’t. The Snapchat team decided to add extra replays, which also called as paid replays According to the press release, this paid replay is applicable for US only. US Snapchatters can buy more replays by spending a few dollars. The pricing and extra replays can be done easily in the latest version. Moreover, the developer added some trophies along with two new features. The updated version is now available for Google Play Store (Android) and iTunes (iOS).

In a recent interview with Jonah Peretti (CEO for BuzzFeed) says, ” BuzzFeed receives 21% of traffic  from Snapchat application”. Snapchat allows some top websites to post content on application under Discover section.

On September 15, Snapchat unveiled Lenses and paid replays. Some Apple and Android users report, the lenses feature aren’t working on their devices. Most the devices have upgraded OS version, that is Android 5.0 and iOS 8.4.1 operating system. But still new feature doesn’t work fine! This is not the problem with the operating system. If you do face a similar kind of problem, please add in the comment section along with the device model name. Snapshot team is working on the issue and users will expect one more update in the future. We look forward for bug fixes in upcoming official updates. Stay connected to get the latest news on Snapchat application.


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