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Samsung Galaxy S10 Can Have Bezel-less Display

Samsung Galaxy S10 Can Have Bezel-less Display

We all know that Samsung brought a lot of changes in the smartphone market. However, the company was in news for some time as many experts were not satisfied with the newest updates. It seems that Samsung noticed this thing on time. There are a few leaked details which suggest that Samsung is looking to bring some changes in Galaxy S10.  These changes are such that it may surprise many users across the globe. The new updates in Galaxy S10 are going to be better than the current features. This year Samsung is going to celebrate the tenth anniversary of ‘S’ series models. Therefore the expectations are high from the makers.

The first expected change is the removal of iris scanner. It may sound like a bolt from the blue but the new enhanced feature may catch the attention of many specialists. People close to the industry are saying that Samsung is looking to add an alternative 3D face-scanning schedule. This feature may work more precisely than the current option. Many people are saying that this function can have some brilliant functions which you may not find in other Android brands. It will be interesting to see how it is going to compete with Face ID from Apple. If Samsung decides to include this function in S10, then it can become a game changer in Android smartphone market.

Samsung is also looking to offer Bezel-less display in S10. We may see the premium model with the complete Bezel-less display. Therefore the design is going to be stunning. The company is also looking to offer an in-display fingerprint scanner. There are some other brands who are already offering this feature but Samsung has its own way of offering the new qualities. This smartphone can also have a triple camera setup and makers may show this model with three variants. The company is facing tough competition from other brands. Therefore they are looking to expand their reach by offering some innovative features.

These are just the initial leaked reports of Galaxy S10. We still have many months to see this model as the gadget may arrive in 2019. However, we preferred to share the developments with you to provide to the latest information. This year Samsung may bring Galaxy Note 9. This is another premium series by the company where we see many new functions. So it will not be a big surprise if Samsung decides to include a few additional characteristics in this model also. We will bring you all the latest reports as soon as we get some credible information.

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