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ASUS ROG Phone – The First Gaming Smartphone by the Company

ASUS ROG Phone – The First Gaming Smartphone by the Company

The concept of gaming smartphone is still very new for many people across the globe. We have seen that many makers brought their gaming gadgets in recent times. They got some success in this segment but it was not as per the expectations. Razor brought their gaming smartphone last year. Nubia, as well as Xiaomi, also brought their gadgets to test the market. Now ASUS is also ready with their model and they are going to bring their gaming model into the market. The name is ASUS ROG Phone and it was launched at Computex 2018 in Taiwan.

We still have to see an Android smartphone with complete gaming skills. ASUS has taken the first step in this direction. This model has the first 3D vapour-chamber cooling system. It also has 1ms response time. The smartphone has 90Hz refresh rate which will be ready to give a seamless experience to the user. There are many points which will make this gadget a smart choice. It has ultrasonic AirTriggers ready to give an influential force-feedback system. The dual-screen handheld mode is also present if you are looking for some fresh display. Here we would like to mention that TwinView Dock is an optional feature. Therefore it is up to you what type of display you like.

The features of ASUS ROG Phone are incredible enough to prove that you will get the full value of your money. This gadget works with 2.96GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. This latest machine will offer you the blazing speed without any glitch. There are two different USB Type-C charging ports for gamers. It will allow you to play your favourite game without any obstacle. Furthermore, the power of the camera is such that you will love the functions while using it. The 12MP+8MP rear camera with a superb 120-degree wide-angle view will be available to offer the dazzling outcome. The front camera is of 8MP. It has AMOLED HDR Display and the screen size is 6 inches.

Many people are interested to check the storage capacities of this gadget. We can say that 8GB RAM will not disappoint you when you start using it. Internal capacities of 128GB and 512GB are sufficient for many players. This Android Oreo-based model weighs 200 grams and the dimensions are 158.8*76.2*8.6mm. So what are your views about this model? Would you like to purchase it?

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