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OnePlus 6 to Be Launched Officially on May 17

OnePlus 6 to Be Launched Officially on May 17

OnePlus is now set to launch their next flagship model. The expected name can be OnePlus 6 and the makers are getting ready to show this model on May 17th, 2018. OnePlus models are now slowly and steadily making their place into the market. They faced some issues two years ago due to some controversies. However, they are now gearing up to change their images as they may show a model with the new design. The company may not like to take any chances with their models this year. This model can be much safer than the previous models.

Some sources are indicating that OnePlus is looking to offer this model with a glass body. If this information is true then there is no doubt that it will grab the attention of the market. This will help you to get a premium model with a new type of design. Therefore we may not see the Aluminium build this time. The curved design, as well as the horizontal lines, will be available to add the finest touch. OnePlus CEO has already confirmed this information. So we can say that expectations of the market will be high. Many market experts were saying that the gadget may arrive on May 21st, 2018. However, the latest teaser by OnePlus hints that it may arrive on May 17th. So the date is approaching fast to see a premium gadget with glass design.

OnePlus has not said anything officially about the specifications. Some rumours suggest that this model by OnePlus can have Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. It can have an AMOLED display and we may see a 6.2-inch screen here. The expected resolutions are 2280*1080 pixels and the body to screen ratio can be 19:9 here. These specifications give a clue that we may see a top-rated model this time by OnePlus. The company is also looking to offer good storage capacities here. Many people are saying that they may bring a model with 256GB capacity first time. You may also find the options of 64GB and 128GB. The expected RAM can be 6GB or 8GB. Memory is an integral part of the gadget. It can assist you to utilize the functions of the gadget with blazing speed. OnePlus does not want to compromise here.

The camera of the gadget is another vital part. There are reports that OnePlus is looking to improve the quality of image sensors. There can be a dual rear camera system ready to offer splendid results. Moreover, waterproofing features will also be handy here. Wireless charging, as well as the good quality battery, is also going to be supportive.

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