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Difference Between iPad 2018 and iPad 2017

Difference Between iPad 2018 and iPad 2017

Apple recently brought their new iPad for their customers. The appearance of this new iPad is very similar to the last year’s model. There are so many people among us who may not be able to understand the difference between these two gadgets. Apple takes their time to bring the new edition of iPad. Therefore it is important to see how the new model is different from the previous one. The price of iPad is certainly not less if we compare it with other similar brands across the market. Therefore we want you to provide the appropriate information which can help you to decide if the new model is for you or not.

The new 9.7 inch iPad 2018 belongs to the midrange category. We can say that it is the newest entry-level iPad which is capable of replacing the previous iPad Air models. Apple has included A10 Fusion chip here. This chip may not belong to the premium category in many segments but it can definitely give you the better outcome if you compare it with iPad 2017. The speed is not very slow if you compare it with the current iPad Pro model. Therefore it is certainly a good model for those who are looking for the latest iPad model with the influential chip. The upgraded 4G support will be there to give you the newest connectivity features.

The camera and battery are the points which are important for many users. Here we would like to make the point clear that you cannot compare the camera of iPad 2018 with other iPad models. The camera of iPad 2018 is poor. If you check the history of iPad then you can easily see that camera is never a priority for Apple in iPad. They never stated it officially but it is not a tough task to figure it out. Many experts are saying that Apple purposefully didn’t bring the good quality camera here. It is a midrange device and adding extra specifications for the camera may have increased the price. The battery of this model is good enough for many users. You need not have to worry about the battery life if you like using the device for long hours.

There is no difference in the dimensions of iPad 2017 and iPad 2018. The Aluminium body gives a nice look to the device. The weight of 469 grams is same as the last year’s model. So go for this model if you like to utilize the newest operating system to check the new functions. This year’s iPad can be a good option if you are looking for the latest connectivity alternatives.

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