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iPhone X Successor May Have an OLED Display with 5.85-inch Screen

iPhone X Successor May Have an OLED Display with 5.85-inch Screen

This year we will not only see the successor of the regular iPhone model but for iPhone X also. It is almost certain that fall 2018 will show the next series of iPhone. A few days ago we discussed the successor of iPhone SE. Now some new reports are arriving that Apple is looking to bring the successor of iPhone X also. However, the surprising thing is that this upcoming model may cost less than the current model. There are some reports that Apple is looking to include an OLED screen this time. Therefore it will help Apple to offer the successor of iPhoneX at a lower rate.

There is an additional report about this upcoming model. Experts are saying that Apple may offer this model with a 5.8-inch screen. It does not matter that the gadget has OLED screen. Apple may look for some other ways to reduce the cost of this gadget. These new developments are certainly going to create a buzz in the market. There are numerous other makers who are looking to offer premium models with some exciting features. If Apple is planning to reduce the cost then it will surely disturb the place of other brands. However, it will be interesting to see how much the price is going to be reduced at the time of release.

The demand for iPhone X is not as per the expectations. Therefore Apple wants to make the next model more practical for most of the users. The price of iPhone X is certainly not less. Experts have the view that this reason cannot be ignored in today’s time. They are claiming that if Apple brings this model with the 5.85-inch screen then the price is certainly going to be somewhat less in 2018. The complete specifications of this model are not available but there are chances that it may be somewhat less powerful. It will help the Cupertino based company to keep a check on the price. Apple may show three iPhone models this year. Therefore they will surely keep the price category separate. It will help many users to choose their favorite model as per their requirement. So what do you think about Apple’s strategy for 2018? Is it going to work equally good for the users as well as the company? We would like to know about it from you.

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