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Apple may Bring iPhone SE2 at WWDC 2018

Apple may Bring iPhone SE2 at WWDC 2018

Apple celebrated a decade last year by bringing iPhone X for their customers. This year they are looking to expand their portfolio of ‘SE’ by bringing iPhone SE2. You may already know that iPhone SE is not the regular model which Apple brings every year. This model has midrange specifications and the price is somewhat less than the regular model. The next edition of iPhone SE is expected to arrive at WWDC 2018 event. The budget-friendly model can have A10 fusion chip. The gadget is expected to be influential but not like the regular iPhone models.

iPhone SE2 is in news from some time. A few days ago there were some reports that Apple was looking to keep the appearance same like iPhone X. However, there is no confirmation about it till now. There are just the speculations about this smartphone till now. The model may have a Bezel-less and you may find a dual-rear camera on it. There are chances that this model may have Aluminium side panels. It can have 2GB RAM and Apple may offer two editions here. The first edition can have 32GB internal capacity whereas the second edition can have the 128GB capacity. There is no specific information about the screen-size but some unconfirmed sources are talking about the 4.2-inch screen.

Apple is looking to make a power-efficient gadget without increasing the overall price. It is the reason that they are including an A10 processor here. Makers may not include an A11 processor in this model as it may increase the price. We may see an all-screen smartphone this time with some amazing features. The smartphone is expected to be a combination of a few points of iPhone X along with some enhanced features of iPhone SE. There is no information about iOS version right now.

The Cupertino based company may show three iPhone models this year. These gadgets may have the Face-ID feature but makers may not include the home button here. It will be interesting to see how the makers are going to make the model impressive. They may not add many highly notable features here but the gadget can be good for those who want to own an iPhone without paying a huge amount. The price is undoubtedly going to be less than the regular iPhone series. Many more related details may arrive in coming days. Stay tuned for more updates.

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