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First Android Go Phone by Alcatel is reaching to the USA

First Android Go Phone by Alcatel is reaching to the USA

Alcatel is looking to expand their reach. The company announced in MWC 2018 event that they are looking to bring two new models in the USA. Now it seems that the time is approaching fast as we are going to see the first model soon. The company is looking to bring Alcatel 1X to the USA market. It is an affordable smartphone with the customized operating system. Alcatel is now ready with their 1X smartphone which is the first model by a company that will be based on Android Go operating system. You may already know that Android Go OS is for midrange hardware.

The company is looking to explore the market of the USA with their low budget smartphone. They are also bringing dual-camera 3V smartphone soon. These two models are expected to be available within next few weeks. Therefore it will be interesting to see how the market of the USA is going to react this time. There are some other brands also who announced their gadgets with Android Go operating system. However, Alcatel is among the first few brands which will bring the model to the market. The screen of Alcatel 1X is 5.3 inches. This smartphone has 18:9 display and the gadget has fingerprint sensor also for the USA market.

The hardware of Alcatel 1X is not going to be very powerful. However, it can be useful for many people. Makers have added quad-core MediaTek CPU in this device. You may utilize 16GB internal capacity here and it has 1GB RAM. The resolutions, as well as display, are not very huge. Therefore experts have the view that the battery of 2460mAh can work satisfactorily most of the time. It is beneficial for those who do not want big specifications to play heavy games and videos.

You may now easily understand that it is not going to be a pricey model. The expected retail price of this model is $99.99 only. Alcatel is also going to bring 3V smartphone into the market. It can have a 6-inch screen where the FHD+ display can be handy for buyers. It can also have 18:9 display and it may work with Android Oreo operating system. This smartphone can have a dual camera setup of 12MP and 2MP. There is no information about the price but sources are indicating that it can be in between $170 to $199 only.

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