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HTC U12 Can Have Matte White Glass Design

HTC U12 Can Have Matte White Glass Design

HTC didn’t show any of their upcoming models at MWC 2018. They have their own plans and now they are getting ready to bring the successor of HTC U11. There are many reports that the gadget is expected to arrive next month. The current flagship model by HTC is U11+. The upcoming premium model HTC U12 is expected to have a design similar to U11+ but there can be a few changes in the hardware section. The upcoming HTC U12 may have matte white glass finish. It may give an astonishing appearance to the device. HTC always prefer not to change the model drastically. However, ceramic-coating plus liquid-glass design can give a fresh exterior to the model.

We saw last year that many new brands made the conditions tough for the established players. HTC found itself in hot water and it is the reason that they are not taking any chances. The leaked specifications of HTC U12 suggest that it can be a promising model. The gadget may work with Snapdragon 845 processor. It can have a 12MP+16MP dual main camera which may give amazing images to the user. The front camera can be of 8MP. This IP68 smartphone may work with Android 8.0 operating system along with the support of Sense 10. The RAM of this model can be 6GB and it can have a huge internal capacity of 256GB.

HTC U12 can have a QHD+ display and it can have a big screen of 5.99 inches. It can have the resolutions of 2880*1440 pixels. Moreover, face unlock facility can also be available here. Many makers are offering face unlock features these days. It will be interesting to see how secure the HTC gadgets will be through this feature. Face unlock facility is the newest trend in the market. It is tough to comment at this stage that which brand is the best in this segment. The company is planning to bring single as well as Dual-SIM versions.

There is no doubt that the leaked specifications are appearing highly influential. The company should offer a favourable deal to the buyers. If they keep the price highly competitive then it can give a tough competition to other similar brands. HTC U12 may arrive next month. The task is not easy for the company because Samsung and Xiaomi have their own plans for April. We will bring you more updates soon.

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