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Giant iPhone, is it Suitable for Buyers?

Giant iPhone, is it Suitable for Buyers?

The year 2018 may become special for iPhone lovers. Some new leaked reports are claiming that Apple is currently working on a giant iPhone model and they may release this model along with their other iPhone models this year. There are chances that we may see an iPhone model with a 6.5-inch screen with an edge-to-edge display. Apple is currently testing this model, although these are just the speculations at present as the reports are not official. There can be three iPhone models this year and the price of the new model could be lesser than the current iPhone X. However, many premium features are expected to be the part of this device.

These speculations may excite many iPhone lovers but it is important to analyze this model. Will this model be useful for the buyers? It is an open secret that the total sales figure of iPhone X so far is not as per the expectations of the company. Apple now has a fair idea of how many models are going to be sold by the end of this year. Therefore they may try to fill the gap of 2018 by providing an additional model next time with some changes. There are so many other brands that are ready to provide the similar experience to the buyers without compromising with the quality. Therefore it will be very exciting to see what Apple is going to provide if they are reducing the price of this additional iPhone model. The resolutions of the biggest ever iPhone are expected to be the same as iPhone X but the complete specifications are not available right now.

We still have a wait for many more months to see this year’s iPhone models. Apple will undoubtedly not comment anything on these models. However, many credible sources are saying that Apple is planning to bring an additional iPhone this year. The company may bring this model and it can be the model for “everyone”. If this model becomes official then it will be interesting to see how the market will react. The current market trend shows that most of the iPhone users prefer utilizing premium functions. If Apple is focussing on reducing the price of this new model by not including all the premium functions, then it is tough to comment on the success of this model. There are some leaked images of this giant iPhone. Specialists are saying that this model may have the newest processor by Apple. It may work as fast as the other two models but specifications may not be the same.

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