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Specifications of Xiaomi Mi7 Leaked

Specifications of Xiaomi Mi7 Leaked

The growth of Xiaomi as a brand is phenomenal. They brought a number of models into the market and most of them are highly popular among the users. Some reports were arriving before that the company was looking to bring Mi7 at MWC 2018. However, it is not going to happen now because the latest developments are hinting that we may see this model in April or May. Some details of this model leaked a few hours ago and it shows that Xiaomi is looking to bring another promising gadget within a few months. Many fans were disappointed by this delay but it does not that Xiaomi is not going to bring any model before the second quarter of 2018. There are reports that Xiaomi is looking to show Mi Mix 2S in MWC 2018 event.

The company is looking to bring Mi Mix 2S prior to Mi7.  Therefore it is understandable why they are taking time to bring Mi7. The leaked specifications of Mi7 has started creating a buzz around the market because the gadget is expected to have 8GB RAM. This is not the only thing which may grab eyeballs at the time of release. Experts are claiming that this model can have twin 16MP sensors located at the back. So the expectations are bound to rise from this model. This smartphone can have 4480 mAh battery and you may get Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor here. This certainly a big change if we compare these specifications from the current Mi6 model.

There are many other things which prove that this model can be one of the finest models at the time of release. You may get Full HD+ resolutions here and it can have a 5.6-inch screen. Some rumours suggest that Xiaomi is looking to include 128GB internal capacity here. There is no clarity about the operating system. Many leaked images hint that the gadget is based on MIUI 8.1 but in reality, the chances are negligible. We already have MIUI9. Therefore Xiaomi will not bring this model with the old operating system. The gadget is expected to have a Bezel-less design and you may find 18:9 aspect ratio here. Xiaomi is also looking to bring Mi7 Plus along with Mi7. We may get the 6-inch screen in Mi7 Plus. So what are your views about Mi7? Would you like to purchase it?

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