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Android Messages May include Features Like i-Message

Android Messages May include Features Like i-Message

We already know that Google is providing different types of messaging services to their customers. However, it seems that the company is getting ready to organize all the service appropriately as they have plans to compete with i-Message. The main strategy by Google is to enrol more users by making the platform simple and more useful. There are various platforms like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and iMessage which are ruling this segment. Now we may see Google challenging their supremacy this year. Now it seems that Google is up for the new challenge as they are looking to make their platform more engaging than before.

There are some leaked reports which suggest that Google is looking to include many new features to their messaging platform. These features are expected to be supportive for not only the normal users but for the professionals also. Therefore it gives an idea that the upcoming features in Android Messages can be valuable for everyone. Experts are saying that there can be improved SMS/RCS characteristics. Moreover, there can also be a desktop interface for the official messaging app which may make the platform more helpful this time. We already know that Google Allo has a number of supportive features. However, a web interface can make SMS app Android messages better because it can be utilized more comfortably through different sources.

Many specialists are saying that this update by Google will allow the users to send the messages from different computers. It is up to the user which browser he wants to use for this purpose. The feature is undoubtedly exciting because now we may see many people using these new features. The established platforms of this segment may face tough competition from Google soon. RCS (Rich Communication Services) may have some new features also. You may see better images and other new options which will help you to stay connected with your loved ones with ease.

There is no doubt that most of the users will like these new steps. There will be many new functions in RCS. So we can say that Google is going to compete with iMessage in coming times. Apple may react with some new functions soon. It is vital to inform you that there are no official reports at this stage. Google may take a few more weeks before finalizing all the steps. We will inform you as soon as we get some new reports.

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