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Apple Adds Hardware Update for iPhone X, 8, 8Plus

Apple Adds Hardware Update for iPhone X, 8, 8Plus

Apple is currently going through some tough times. A few weeks ago they officially acknowledged that they were slowing doing the old iPhone models due to some technical reasons. The company explained their situation to the US Senate and they told that they were willing to take all the appropriate steps to solve the issue. They further informed that they are considering complete refund to those who paid $79 for new batteries. The performance and battery life of old iPhone models are in question from some time. It may take some more months to solve it completely.

The Cupertino based company is taking some new steps to avoid these kinds of situation in future. They confirmed that iPhone 8, iPhone 8Plus as well as iPhone X will have “hardware updates” which will help their customers to utilize these models with ease. Apple further stated that these updates will assist to solve battery related issues in future. Therefore customers will not face any such situation. Apple has stated officially that they are handling the performance management of gadgets appropriately. Therefore all the internal components of the devices are protected up to the highest level. Moreover, the designs are such that all the safety measures will work without troubling any user.

These new statements by Apple are certainly different this time. They are now going to solve one of the major points of iPhone users. But we can say that they still have to take some steps to bring the right solution for old iPhone models. The current information is good for new iPhone models. But there is no information about the models prior to iPhone 8. The complete details of managing the power and speed of iPhone 8, 8Plus and iPhone X models in future is not clear at present. But one thing is clear that Apple is not going to follow the same steps in future. They will add some kind of support to manage hardware functions effectively.

The market is getting highly competitive with every passing month. It is the reason that Apple has not taken much time to address the issue at the earliest. The better power management feature of new iPhone model will definitely help Apple to regain the faith of many people. Furthermore, it will be interesting to see how they are going to design the upcoming iPhone models. Experts have the view that the models may come with enhanced features to handle the power management system effectively in upcoming models.

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