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Samsung May Show Galaxy S9 in MWC 2018

Samsung May Show Galaxy S9 in MWC 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to be the next flagship model by the top Android gadget maker. This model was in news from some time as there were some speculations about its first appearance. Many experts were saying that the gadget may arrive in CES 2018 event. However, this is not going to happen as per the official reports. The gadget is going to arrive through MWC 2018. Therefore we need to wait a few more weeks to see this gadget.

You may already know that MWC 2018 event will be in Barcelona next month. So the wait is not very long. Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to be the first premiere model by the company this year. We may also come to know about the sales date of this model in this event. It is a known fact that ‘S’ series by Samsung is still dominating the flagship segment. Therefore the chances are that the makers will definitely bring something new this time. The storage capacity of these devices may grab the headlines. Some specialists are claiming that we may see a model with 516GB capacity. These words are not official at this stage. However, it is certain that Samsung never likes to stay behind in any segment. There are many other makers who are trying to pose a challenge to Samsung in internal storage section as well as RAM. Therefore Samsung is set to raise the bar with this model.

Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to work with this assistance of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. But it may not remain the same for every market. Sources close to the industry are saying that makers may add their Exynos processor for some market. The gadget is expected to have 4GB/6GB RAM. The price-tag of this model is undoubtedly going to catch the attention at the time of release. Makers know it very well that the competition is not going to be easy. Therefore it will be challenging for them to keep the price-tag aggressive. It may be the same like Galaxy S8 at the time of release. This model can have a vertical dual rear-facing camera.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus may also arrive along with Galaxy S9. We may see this model with 6GB RAM. The company is also looking to bring a foldable gadget. But makers may require a few more months to finalize the model. So it may not come in 2018. Stay tuned to receive more updates.

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