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Samsung Galaxy S7 rumored to release in two different processors (Snapdragon/Exynos)

Samsung had a great success in anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 5 flagship release that unlocked insane features in note series. Some rumors suggest that Samsung moved on to work with new Smartphones. Surprisingly, we got some benchmark in Samsung Grand On and Mega On. More leaks began to flow concerning new flagship features, images, release date and price. However, let’s wait for the rumors on Grand On and Mega On future devices. A couple of days ago, Korean website reported Samsung Galaxy S7  purportedly leaked features that sort of hardware and camera details.

According to reports, the website talks about the sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 5. In which, Samsung Galaxy expects more sales target in Samsung Galaxy Note 5 than Samsung Galaxy Edge Plus.

Besides from up and down market research of Samsung Electronics. They publicize some news on future flagship (Samsung Galaxy S7). These features were exposed before the AnTuTu Benchmark given away.samsung-galaxy-s7-dual-camera

Samsung Galaxy S7 Allegedly leaked feature includes 5.7 inch display screen and dual-camera setup. We are not sure, Samsung new flagship might sporting 4K display to compete with Xperia Z5. We can expect lots of new features and hardware capabilities. The device brings latest Android Marshmallow (6.0) operating system, which will either come out with Snapdragon 820 or Exynos M1 SoC processor. On the other hand, there is rumor about Sony’s upcoming Xperia Z5 Ultra will unlock Snapdragon 820 chipset. Hence, we can expect Snapdragon 820 version in Samsung Galaxy S7.samsung-galaxy-s7-curved-display

The website also speaks about the release date of Samsung Galaxy S7. Hopefully, consumers can expect new flagships in the month of February first week. No leaks on price details, it will varies on storage variant choice. Samsung might go with $400-$500 price range in Galaxy S7. If you need more internal storage capacity, then spend more dollars to buy a 32GB or 64GB Samsung Galaxy S7 storage variants. Stay connected to get latest updates on Samsung Galaxy S7.


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