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Apple Confirms the Acquisition of Shazam App

Apple Confirms the Acquisition of Shazam App

Apple just confirmed that they have purchased the music-recognition app called Shazam. This app is suitable for those who love to listen to the music frequently. Sometimes it happens that we do not recognize the music. Shazam app will be ready to provide all the related details. It can identify the song easily and you can get the complete information about that song. Shazam is a London based music recognition service which is also handy to identify images. Apple has discussed many times that they have some bigger plans for music-related businesses. This seems to be the first step in that direction.

Apple made the official announcement that the team of Shazam is now the part of Apple. They further informed that the app has been constantly ranking among the most popular apps for their platform. It is used by millions of users across the globe. Therefore Apple will now be ready to deliver a great music experience with the help of Shazam. The company is planning to show the offers soon. There is no information about the deal price. However, many people are saying that it is close to $400 million. Shazam is into the business from last 18 years. They slowly and steadily acquired the growth and today they have their own market.

The deal is certainly going to be exciting for many music lovers across the globe. The function will help the users to identify their favourite music without any difficulty. It will assist them to know more about their favourite songs. Experts are saying that the time is going to arrive soon when Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change the smartphone market. This step is the first major step by a big company. Therefore it will not be a surprise if we see many more other things in future. The arena is extremely competitive and no brand will like to stay behind in any segment. Shazam has also confirmed about this acquisition.

Apple is going to show their HomePod smart speaker in coming times. Therefore this deal plays an important role here. Apple is interested to bring the music in top-quality form. They are working on it for many months. You may already know the features of this app but there are chances that Apple may offer something more here in future. This acquisition proves that Apple is working constantly to stay on the top. The technology is changing very swiftly in the smartphone segment and it will bring many new things to the market.

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