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Facebook May Bring Snapchat “Streaks” Like Feature on Messenger

Facebook May Bring Snapchat “Streaks” Like Feature on Messenger

It seems that Facebook is looking to compete with almost every feature of Snapchat. They already brought many similar features before and now they are getting ready to bring another new function. Facebook is already leading the chart with the highest number of active users across the globe. Now the new functions will strengthen their position because people will prefer this platform. One thing is almost certain that the task of Snapchat to enhance its user-base is not going to be easy in future. Facebook and its Messenger app users may not prefer to go to Snapchat as they are already getting the similar feature on their favourite platform.

Some newest leaked reports are saying that Facebook is looking to offer a feature similar to “Streaks” in Snapchat which permits the user to send the messages frequently for many days. If you are using Snapchat then you may already know about “Streaks”. It is the feature through which you can stay connected with your friends and colleagues who are important for you. The characteristics of Streak function in Snapchat are supportive as the function helps you to send the messages regularly and you can have continuous engagements with your contacts.

Now, this type of function is expected to be the part of Facebook also. There is no official announcement but the day is not far when we see this function on Messenger.  Currently, this specific feature is going through a testing phase and we may see it soon on Facebook. Your Messenger app is going to be more favourable within next few weeks. It will be interesting to see how Facebook is going to make this function more advantageous for the users. Snapchat users already know very well that this platform helps to stay connected with contacts through pictures. Therefore how Facebook is going to bring this feature for their users is still to be checked after the release.

Snapchat Streaks were among the prime reasons for which people were using this platform for many months. Now Facebook is set to bring this type of function. They are also checking the possibilities of success here because not all users are the fans of Streaks. So what are your thoughts about it? Are you going to use this function in coming weeks? We will bring you all the updates as soon as the biggest social networking platform announces the function officially.

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