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Take Actions To Deal With Portable Hard Drive Failure Immediately

The hard drive, whether it’s built-in or portable, is a mechanical device, just like your car; both electronic stress and mechanical stress can have an impact on it. In contrast, the portable hard drive is more likely to be damaged than internal hard drive. Therefore, we want to share some useful tips with you for fixing portable hard drive failure.

A Good Solution to Portable Hard Drive Failure

Well, what is the right thing users are expecting to do when encountering hard disk failure? Is it recovering files firstly or trying to fix the failure? Of course, for people who have saved a lot of useful data on the drive, they give priority to portable hard drive data recovery. Relatively, whether to repair failure is not so important to them.

A Good Solution to Portable Hard Drive Failure

Stop Using the Portable Hard Drive Immediately

Any operations performed to the external hard drive could bring secondary damage to data (which may finally make them unrecoverable). Considering this, we think you should stop using the disk at once and safely removing it from computer/other devices.

After that, get and save MiniTool Power Data Recovery on your computer. It owns large numbers of users and is definitely a good choice for portable hard drive failure recovery. Then, connect the portable/external hard drive to the computer and launch the software to recover data from damaged external hard drive.

How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive

  1. Choose “Damaged Partition Recovery” to recover files from a crashed hard disk.
  2. Then, you’ll see the interface shown below. Here, you should choose your portable hard drive and click on “Full Scan” button to detect files.

How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive

Attention: if the external hard drive is not in the partition list, please click on “Refresh” button or try to safely remove the hard drive and then reconnect it to the computer properly.

3.Wait for the full scan of the disk. The scan will last for a period of time, depending on the capacity, usage rate and other conditions of your hard drive.

Stop Using the Portable Hard Drive Immediately

When the scan is over, another interface will appear automatically. At this time, you should open the found possible partitions and folders one by one, in order to pick out the files you really need.

4. Check the files you decide to recover and click on “Save” button in the lower right corner to set a safe storage path. At last, click on “OK” button to confirm.

Attention: if the size of files you selected to recover is larger than 1GB (the limit of free edition), you’ll need an advanced edition to complete the recovery process.

Till now, we have told you all the steps to finish portable hard drive data recovery with the help of third-party data recovery software. After you found back all the files you need, you should try disk reformatting in order to fix portable hard drive failure and make the disk usable again.

Get to Know about Hard Drive Types

We think it’s very necessary to introduce the classification of the hard drive to all of you for a better understanding of hard drive crash. In general, the hard drive can be divided into different types according to different classification methods. When it is classified by the way of placement, we have internal (built-in) hard drive and external (portable) hard drive.

This classification method is believed to be the most ordinary one.

Internal Hard Drive VS External Hard Drive

  • Internal hard drive is usually built inside our computer and we rarely have a chance to get access to it. However, things are very different when it comes to external hard drive.
  • External hard drive is also known as portable HDD (hard disk drive); it is widely used in our daily life to store large but frequently used files. In this way, we can carry it around wherever we want and use files stored in it at any time.

Besides, it can be a great assistant when users need to exchange large files among different devices. The transfer speed of files between external hard drive and computer is much faster than that between two computers, which realize data transmission through the network.

As you may know, there’s no obvious difference between internal hard drive and external hard drive except for the portability and capacity. Therefore, the way to recover data from external hard drive and the way to recover data from internal hard drive is nearly the same. Two obvious differences are:

a). You need to connect the external hard drive to computer correctly before the recovery is started while this step can be omitted in internal hard drive data recovery.

b). When it comes to recovering data from dead hard drive, if the hard drive is an external one, you can connect it to a computer and then finish the recovery easily. But if it is an internal one (the boot disk), you need a bootable data recovery software to access the hard drive without system and then do the recovery; the process is much more trouble.

Till now, we believe you have known well about how to deal with portable hard drive failure and the differences between the internal hard drive and external hard drive. Now, please take actions to solve your problem right away!

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