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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Models Facing Freezing Issues

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Models Facing Freezing Issues

The troubling times for Samsung have not ended so far. Now some users are saying that Galaxy Note 8 by Samsung has some freezing issues which are not allowing them to utilize the feature with ease. There are so many users who are discussing this point with Samsung through the company’s forum and it is undoubtedly surprising for many people. This is not the first time that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users have complained about this issue. Some users were talking about it in September also but people didn’t pay attention towards them. The total number of users who were facing this issue in September was less. It is the reason that nobody noticed them at that time. However, the things are different now as the numbers are increasing rapidly from last month.

It is not just the screen which is troubling the users. Many buyers are also complaining about the apps also. They are saying that even the basic functions like Contacts app and Messaging are not working properly. They are tapping the screen and it freezes immediately. People are saying that even the ‘factory reset’ function is of no use in this case. Experts are saying that this problem is related to software. It is not a hardware issue. Therefore nothing is going to happen with this model like Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is currently among the top models of the market. However, it does not mean that the top model will be flawless every time. Many users of Galaxy Note 8 are saying that they have to wait for the battery to drain completely so that they can charge the device once again to use it in a normal way. Users of the United States and Europe are complaining about this matter. Therefore we cannot say that the users of a specific carrier are getting this concern.

Samsung has not officially responded to it so far. But one thing is very clear that it will not be an easy task for Samsung to solve it. The percentage of users who are getting this issue is still not very high. Therefore it will be very interesting to see how Samsung is going to address it. We have seen before that Manufacturers bring some software update to solve the matter but currently it is not clear how the brand is going to handle it.

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