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Google now recommends restaurants for Android: Street View for Android and iOS

Street View is an amazing feature in Google Maps, that allows users to move around the world. In fact, this can show your exact location how it looks like. We can also say that, Street View gives a real life experience of migration.google-street-view-for-android-ios-download

Earlier, this feature was enabled on PC users. Google has now enabled Street View for Smartphones and tablets. Yes! All Android and iOS users can easily explore the spot around the globe. It seems to be a great application to find out restaurant and hotel nearby. In addition, the developers added a floating camera button to contribute your favorite place by upload 360 degree panoramas to Google Maps. Even more, apps let the users to perform edit location, add to a map listing, Share a photo sphere, delete a photo sphere, turn on/off Talkback accessibility (Android) and Voice Over features (iOS). If you do find any issue while using the Street View application. Report an issue on Google support to get immediate fix.

Moreover, Street View is not a new application that lets you to explore the world. Google replaced the old application formerly known as Photo Sphere Camera. If you already own Photo Sphere Camera application, then you might see an update notification for Street View. Currently, developers unlocked this app for Android and iOS users. You can download Street View application from Google Play Store for Android and in iTunes Store (Apple). We can expect more features on Google Maps in the future.hotel-recommendations

On other the hand, Google unveiled restaurant recommendations (applicable only Android users) in Google Maps for people residing in the US and Britain. It actually works star rating and reviews from past dinners. Google is working on iOS to bring restaurant recommendation features for iOS platform. Stay tuned to get more updates on Google Maps in coming days.


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