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Whatsapp May Offer “Delete for Everyone” Feature in Coming Weeks

Whatsapp May Offer “Delete for Everyone” Feature in Coming Weeks

We have recently seen a few new features on Whatsapp which is going to be supportive for many users across the globe. The included picture-in-picture mode and they have included the support for businesses. Now some sources are indicating that they are going to include another new feature which most of the people will surely like. Whatsapp is currently testing “Delete for Everyone” feature. The platform is testing this feature in Android as well as iOS apps and they may offer this feature in coming weeks.

Many market experts have the view that Whatsapp may not take a long time to offer this feature. They did the tests some time ago and now those tests are going through the final phase. This new function may permit you to delete some of your sent messages before the recipient reads it. It is not uncommon that we want to delete some of the messages which we sent by mistake. The dedicated recall server will permit the users to ‘unsend’ the message. The tests are successful and the platform may include the function for all the users soon.

Some other messaging platforms are already offering this feature. Whatsapp took some time to include this facility but the biggest messaging platform is planning to offer it now. Billions of users are going to be benefitted as soon as Whatsapp include it for users. You may be able to recall the messages with a single tick. It will be interesting to see what other features may be added here. You may already know that we cannot edit the message in Whatsapp. We still have to see if Whatsapp is going to include this function or not.

It is important to make the point clear that the messages are going to be deleted in Notification Center also. Users may see “This message was deleted” on screen. Therefore you may have to utilize your imaginative power if the recipient shows some doubt about the message. Viber, Telegram and WeChat are already offering the similar feature. These are just the leaked information. It is not clear when Whatsapp is going to announce the feature officially for all the users. This new feature is surely going to offer a big relief for all the users but we still have to get the information from the authorized sources. We will let you know about it once we get the information.

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