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How Can You Fix HP Recovery Drive Full Issue in Windows 10/8/7

Are you using HP computer to cope with many things, but find your HP recovery drive is running out of space and the partition bar gets red? Don’t worry. Here, four methods are offered to fix this issue.

HP Recovery Drive Full

In Windows, there is a special partition on the system disk called recovery partition. With it, your computer can be restored to the factory resetting in event of system issues. To be specific, this partition contains two types, including Windows recovery partition and supplier’s recovery partition. Generally speaking, HP, Lenovo, and Dell are common brands.

If you use an HP computer for a certain time, when entering Windows Explorer, perhaps you can find HP recovery partition is almost full. Even Windows operating system pops up a warning to tell you low disk space on recovery partition and suggest freeing some space on this partition, as shown below:

HP Recovery Drive Full Issue in Windows 10-8-7 Img 01

Well then, what can cause HP recovery drive full issue in Windows 10/8/7? Actually, perhaps some files are saved to this partition so that low disk space recovery drive Windows 10 issue happens to your PC. Can this problem be fixed? The answer is yes.

How to Solve HP Recovery Partition Full

To put it simply, this post puts forward about four methods to solve recovery disk full Windows 10 issue. Try them one by one now.

  • Disable Low Disk Space Warning in Windows 10/8/7

Low disk space warning always appears from time to time, which brings some troubles to you. Thus, you can choose to disable this warning.

  1. Open registry editor by typing “regedit” after clicking “Win + R”.
  2. Navigate to:

 HKEY CURRENT USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesExplorer

  1. If “NoLowDiskSpaceChecks” item doesn’t exist, right click your mouse to go “New” > “DWORD” to name it as “NoLowDiskSpaceChecks”.

Change the value from 0 to 1by right clicking this item.

HP Recovery Drive Full Issue in Windows 10-8-7 Img 02

  • Disable System Protection

In order to stop low disk space warning in Windows 10/8/7, please disable system protection. Follow the guidance below for Windows 10:

  1. Go to “Start” > “System” feature.
  2. Select “System protection”.
  3. The protection settings of all disk partitions are shown. If you find HP recovery partition D is “On”, select “Configure” after choosing this drive. Then, choose “Disable system protection”.

HP Recovery Drive Full Issue in Windows 10-8-7 Img 03

If system protection of recovery partition D is off, skip solution 2 to the next way.

  • Uncheck Hide Protected Operating System Files
  1. In Windows Explorer, in “View” tab, click “Change folder and search options” under “Options”.
  2. Choose “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” and uncheck “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)“.

HP Recovery Drive Full Issue in Windows 10-8-7 Img 04

Note: After doing that, if you fail to access the HP recovery partition, please restore this partition to its original setting.

Way 1 and 2 are common solutions to recovery disk full Windows 10 issue. For more information about this problem, go to HP forum. Until now, three ways are told you. But you should know these ways can only help to remove “you are running out of disk space on recovery D” error message, not fully and fundamentally solve HP recovery drive full issue for Windows 10/8/7 computer.  To achieve this aim, you’d better extend recovery partition.

  • Extend Recovery Partition

When mentioning extending partition, Windows Disk Management is the first choice. But in most cases, this free tool is unable to do this work since it requires that there must be an unallocated space immediately following the recovery partition. Or else, “Extend Volume” will be not working.  Well then, how can you successfully extend the HP recovery partition D?

Luckily, MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition, an all-in-all partition manager, is really helpful to resize the partition or extend partition, no matter this partition is logical or primary. By means of its powerful functions, such as “Extend Partition” or “Move/Resize Partition”, HP users have the ability to fix the recovery partition full issue in Windows 10/8/7. Here take the former feature as an example.

Step 1: Just get MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition from its official website. And then in its main interface, click “Extend Partition” from the left action panel.

HP Recovery Drive Full Issue in Windows 10-8-7 Img 05

Step 2: Then please get some free space from other partition or an unallocated space on the same hard drive. By dragging the handle, decide the free space you want.

HP Recovery Drive Full Issue in Windows 10-8-7 Img 05

Step 3: Press “Apply” button to execute this change you have made.

If one unallocated space is adjacent to HP recovery drive D, its “Move/Resize Partition” feature can do a favor. Want to learn more information? Refer to this post – HP Recovery Drive Full? How to Fix it in Windows 10?


So far, all solutions to low disk space issue on HP recovery drive D are introduced. By contrast, the last one can be the best solution since it can completely increase recovery partition size to avoid low disk space again. Therefore, get MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition for a try right now.

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