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AT&T and ZTE to Bring a Premium Gadget in October

AT&T and ZTE to Bring a Premium Gadget in October

You may have noticed that these days most of the brands are bringing gadgets with minimum bezels. These models are now highly popular among the masses and many people do not mind paying a little additional amount to grab these gadgets. ZTE is another brand who is now ready to offer this type of model. They have partnered with AT&T to bring a similar model in October. The name of this model is ZTE Axon Multy. This gadget with dual-screen may belong to the premium category. Therefore you will have another choice if you are looking for a high-end model in coming weeks.

The retail price of this smartphone is expected to be $650. The exact release date of this gadget is not available but some leaks confirm that it may arrive in mid-October. This is not the first time we will see a dual-screen model. Kyocera Echo was the first attempt for these kinds of devices which arrived in 2011. Now ZTE is taking inspiration from this model and they are looking to make the gadget popular with some unique functions. The clamshell construction of this smartphone gives the gadget a unique look.

Users will get the display on the front as well as rear section after they fold the smartphone on the vertical axis. The power of 1080p of this display may appear good after the release. The resolutions of the screen are expected to be 2160*1920 pixels. It can have 6.8 inches of display. These are some important stats based on which many people like to take the decision. These figures are not official at present. A few other leaked reports show that the gadget may compete with premium models. You may get Snapdragon 820 processor here. The gadget can have 3120 mAh battery and it can have a 20MP camera. Many experts are saying that the camera of this smartphone may have the primary as well as secondary mode. Therefore the function is going to be very interesting to check after the release.

ZTE Axon Multy may have a non-traditional design but it may attract the buyers after the release. People may get some exclusive functions which can be useful for them. We still have to check the functions of this ZTE model. We will discuss the complete information with you after the release. The official launch date may not be very far. ZTE may discuss a few things about this model in coming days.

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