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Google Pixel 2XL May Have Bezel-less Display

Google Pixel 2XL May Have Bezel-less Display

The last quarter of a year is generally very competitive for premium gadgets. Samsung brings their Note model whereas Apple also prefers to bring their new iPhone model around the same time. Now another brand is trying to compete with these two models. Google is planning to compete with the premium models of the market with their ‘Pixel’ brand. This year Google may bring Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. These two models may differ a little in terms of display. Some sources are hinting that Pixel 2 XL can have a Bezel-less display.

We still have a few weeks left to see the next Pixel gadget by Google. The official specifications may arrive on October 5th but some rumours about this model are making the things interesting for the market. The design language may not be very different in Pixel 2 XL in comparison to the current model but the fresh appearance of the Bezel-less display may make the difference. You may already know that the first edition of Pixel was designed by Google. The same is happening this time also but with a change. HTC will design Pixel 2 but Pixel 2 XL will be designed by LG. Therefore it is almost certain that many experts will definitely compare these two models to check the work of HTC and LG.

Pixel 2 XL will be for those who are looking for a premium smartphone with a big screen. The screen-size of this smartphone is expected to be 5.99 inches. It can have QHD OLED display. Some market experts are saying that Pixel 2, as well as Pixel 2 XL, may not have the audio jack this year. Both the models can have Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 processor. There are some reports that Google may include dual cameras on both the models. There is no doubt that these two models may work with the assistance of Android 8.0 Oreo operating system.

Pixel 2 can also have OLED display but the screen-size can be 4.97 inches here. Google is looking to follow to a specific timeline to show their Pixel models. They brought the first edition on October 4th and now the second edition may arrive on October 5th. You may get the chance to utilize squeezable frames here. We have seen this feature in HTC U11. Now the same is arriving on Google models. If Google follows the right strategy with appropriate planning to bring Pixel models then they can capture the market in coming times.

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