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Whatsapp Beta Edition Supports Verified Business Account

Whatsapp Beta Edition Supports Verified Business Account

Whatsapp was frequently bringing updates for their users from last 18 months. Those updates were for all the users as there were no private or business accounts. Now it seems that Whatsapp is planning to show business accounts soon to the market. Currently, there are no separate accounts as we can register for the service with the help of contact number. The complete scenario may change soon. It is the most widely used mobile application all over the world. Therefore the platform is planning to bring verified business accounts. This new service will surely please business owners around the globe.

There are no official announcements for the same but it is now almost certain that the announcement is not very far. The platform may start the business from India. This upcoming edition is expected to have some additional facilities. Users can set working hours. If a user is not able to receive calls then he would be able to set ‘away’ status. The verified accounts may receive a green tick mark. Therefore the profiles with green tick mark will give the information about business profiles. The special green badge close to the contact name will inform about the business account.

The Beta version 2.17.285 of Whatsapp is the part of this service. The stable edition is expected to launch very soon. There are some details that Whatsapp is going to monetize this segment. They have invested $19 billion so far. Now it will be the chance for them to Therefore it is the first time that Whatsapp may start earning directly from their platform. There are chances that different types of ads will be available which will help Whatsapp to earn money.

The new update from Whatsapp will initially begin with a few users. Later on, it will be available for all the users. The exact date of launch is not available but it may take a few more months to get the stable update. You may already know that Skype is currently the top platform for businesses. Whatsapp may require some time to become a top leader here. It is not the only section on which Whatsapp is working right now. They are also working on UPI based payment system. This feature may arrive by December. We will inform you more about Whatsapp as soon as they bring the details officially. Stay tuned for more updates.

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