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iOS 11 Public Beta Brings a New Way to Block Touch ID

iOS 11 Public Beta Brings a New Way to Block Touch ID

Apple is looking to include the ways through which users will be able to disable Touch ID in iOS11 with ease. User privacy is an important concern and it is tough for any company to recognize it. Apple prefers to keep the data safe and it is the reason they are looking to include the function of disabling the Touch ID if the user does not need it. If any specific user does not want to keep the Touch ID active then he can just press the power button five times. Sometimes it may happen that users are almost forced to unlock their smartphone with the help of fingerprint. Therefore this new function is expected to be very handy for many users.

This new function can be valuable to dial emergency numbers. This step may end the debate of unlocking the gadget with the assistance of fingerprint scanner. Therefore Apple is looking to support their users through this new service. Now you may not have to restart the gadget and keep waiting for many days to enter the pass code. This new facility can keep the important data safe. This new iOS 11 feature may appear practical at the time of release. The company is looking to bring face unlocking feature in their model. So the overall combination can be supportive to keep the information secure all the time.

The Cupertino based company noticed that stealing the fingerprint is not a tough task for some hackers. They can steal it from the screen. However, a pass code can be better under unwanted circumstances because the data cannot be accessed till the right code is entered. Apple may bring iOS11 next month. Therefore the new characteristics are expected to be available for all the users. Currently, this feature has been added in iOS11 public beta. Therefore many developers know the benefits of this function.

You may already know that Apple may release iPhone8 next month. Therefore this new function can be practical for the owners of this model. The additional layer of security will help them to manage all the information with ease. Users have to enter the passcode for accessing the details. So the Touch ID will not go to the wrong hands which can be supportive under different circumstances. Apple may add more security features in iOS11. We will discuss all the vital points with you regularly.

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