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Google is Examining ‘Search Lite’ App for Slow Internet Areas

Google is Examining ‘Search Lite’ App for Slow Internet Areas

There are still a lot of regions where we generally do not find high-speed internet connectivity. Google knows it very well and it is the reason that they are working on ‘Search Lite’ app which will be designed for slow internet regions. It is like the mini edition of Search app which can work brilliantly in the areas where you may face slow internet connectivity. Currently, this app is in testing mode. Therefore the search engine giant is offering it in Indonesia only. However, it will soon be available in all the regions which can be supportive for a number of users.

This app was first noticed through Facebook ads and it was inviting the users to click it. Many users tried it and they got the invitation to download the app. This app allows you to search for the important things. It works in a way that you need not require additional data. Therefore you can get the results with ease. There are many regions where internet connectivity is not good. Therefore this app can be highly supportive in those regions. Users will not face any difficulty while searching for specific things through the app. If you are interested to get the addresses of local businesses or if want to know the weather condition then you can simply click on the grid section.

This app will not take much space and it will have the support for offline features. One of the best things here is that the users will get the support in their local languages. Therefore a lot of users can easily utilize the feature without any difficulty. Utilize translation related functions and check the latest news with ease. The new ‘Search Lite’ app is very similar to other apps like Twitter Lite and Skype Lite. Many tech companies are offering the ‘Lite’ edition. Therefore Google also got the idea to bring this new type of ‘Search Lite’ app.

Some reports are arriving for YouTube also. Google is looking to offer ‘YouTube Go’ to all the users soon. This will be the lighter edition of YouTube app. There are some tests going on but soon these functions will be available which will help you to use Google anywhere with ease. Google ‘Search Lite’ app is for using the basic functions of the app. There are possibilities that all the functions may not be available in this edition. We have to wait for a few more days to check all the functions of this app.

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