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IFA 2015 line-up new phones and smartwatch in Berlin

Most waiting IFA event are open for public, that round up all company to launch their products. Before taking into all home products, let’s take a look at Samsung and Sony

According to the reports, Sony brand going to introduce Xperia Z5. It is said that Xperia Z5 comes out with three variants which is named as Xperia Z5, Xperia Plus, and Xperia Z5 Compact. All three variants are varied in features, price and size. The company also bringing hybrid auto focus technology in Xperia Z5 Premium/ Plus.

On the other hand, Samsung unveiling newly featured Gear S2 smartwatch in the IFA 2015. Apple has its own event in the Bill Graham Auditorium, California. As a part of this event, Apple releasing iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Smartphones powered by iOS9 operating system. Along with two new Smartphones, the company also unveiling a new Apple TV that runs on A8 processor. Moreover, Huawei is all set with their product sporting force touch technology.

Beyond gadgets, you need to check out the first rollable keyboard from LG. Yes, its true LG came up with a rollable keyboard for tablets and Smartphones. Rolly keyboard can be folded to stick when not in use. It is one kind of useful product. If we are a traveler, large sized keyboard consume lots of space compared to LG Rolly.

In addition, we can also expect smart gadgets for home appliances such as smart kettle, robotic vacuum cleaner, expiry date scanner and many more. Stay tuned to get latest updates on the IFA 2015 event.

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