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YouTube Adds Chatting Facility in iOS and Android Apps

YouTube Adds Chatting Facility in iOS and Android Apps

YouTube is the most famous video sharing platform through which we can share different types of contents. Users can start their own channels through this platform which can be highly useful for them in many ways. Some are using it as their business tools while others are using it to share their video messages. This platform does not bring the updates frequently like WhatsApp but whenever they do it changes the way of utilizing the functions. Now, this video streaming platform has brought a new feature which can be very handy for many users. You will be able to utilize chatting features within the app and it will soon be available to all the users around the globe.

The new chatting feature will be available for Android as well as iOS users. This function is going to be highly valuable for many people because they can share videos and they can talk to the people directly. Now you can share the videos with your friends and you can talk about it without any difficulty. YouTube has included a dedicated chat button just below the video. Therefore it will not be a tough task to chat with your friends through this section. Moreover, you can also discuss it in a group. You can add up to 30 people in that group and you can chat with ease.

This new feature by YouTube is already available for the users in Canada and the USA. The platform is not going to take much time to offer this feature to all the users. Therefore if you have not received this update then you will receive it soon. The potential of YouTube is such that it can help you to share the content with maximum numbers of users. Therefore it is almost certain that it can be a big hit and many people will surely start using it without any delay. If you are looking to add a friend then you can send an invite through this platform.

Currently, we have to copy and paste the link to share the content with our friends. Now that function will be the part of history because you can chat directly with your friends to share the content. The function is undoubtedly very useful and it can be a big hit among the users. This function by YouTube is appearing like a competition for Whatsapp. You may already know that we are using Whatsapp or any other similar platform to share the videos. Sometimes people use email to send the content. Now all these things will become history because you will be able to share the content privately. So what do you think about this function of YouTube? Are you going to use it?

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