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Google pushes Chrome (45.0.2454.85) update for Windows, Android, Linux and Mac

Today, Google rolled out a new firmware update to Chrome browser that brings enhancement and new developer tools. All Chrome users can update to latest version ((45.0.2454.85) through check for update option (chrome://help/) under settings or downloading browser from the official website.google-chrome-45-firmware-update

According to a press release, Chrome version 45 brings major bug fixes and improvement in the browser. Thank you for Google the research team, who put an end to all security errors. Google has over 1 billion chrome users and can also be called as the highly used web engine.

In the month of June 2015, Google partnership with Adobe to launch less pause flash content on Chrome beta version (Mac, Windows and Linux). It was the first move from Google, which boosts performance as well as a better user interface on a browser. Let’s say, you are watching a video on webpage that include flash content on the side. Even though, flash content on that webpage has been put on pause automatically. It doesn’t affect your streaming video. Later, you can play flash content by clicking on the side. Google is also working on new features and improvement to bring the stable version browser. We can expect a new firmware update in the near future.

What’s new in Google Chrome 45?

Over a past year, Google added a number of javascript features to bring added supports for chrome 45. There are new methods in array options that make dealing with the array much easier. On Android, you can now defer “add to home screen” features and show it with more convenient time. Chrome 45 also has an ability to add native apps directly from the website, it works much similar to “add to home screen” features. Along with new specs, Google brought 29 fixes on Chrome 45 version. You can check out more details about fixes on official website. Stay connected in our network to get the latest news and updates of Chrome.


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