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Apple May Bring iPhone 8 in September

Apple May Bring iPhone 8 in September

The last quarter of 2017 is not very far. Therefore it is obvious that the smartphone industry will notice every move of Apple. We all know that Apple has a history of launching their iPhone model in the last quarter of the year. However this year many experts were raising doubts as the makers were facing some supply related issues. Many were saying that Apple may not be able to show the next iPhone model before November. Now some new reports have arrived and it is giving some clues about the launch.

Apple is looking to launch iPhone 8 in September. This will not be the only model which will be launched next month. The company is also looking to show iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. However, the makers may move ahead cautiously and they may bring the model in limited quantities at the beginning. Later on, after a few weeks, they may start sending the new models to the customers. It is a known fact that Apple faced some supply related issues this year. Therefore this move was expected by the Cupertino based company. But they are making sure that the launch should not be delayed because of this reason. It will help the company to generate the interest among the buyers.

There is something more to discuss with iPhone lovers. People close to the industry are saying that the new models are expected to be available in three colours. These are Gold, Silver and Black. Therefore the chances are that you may get more options to check this year. Recently one of the officials of the company told that the upcoming iPhone models are not going to be economical. So you may have to pay a little extra this time. The price of iPhone 8 is expected to be a little higher than iPhone 7S and iPhone7S Plus. The fast charging and wireless charging facilities are expected to be available this time. However, we may have to purchase separate accessories to avail this facility.

There are many related reports available these days which claim some features about iPhone 8. We may not see the home button in this model and it can have a Bezel-less display. Apple is looking to show all the three models on the same date. But there are chances that many customers may not get the model before 2018. Apple is looking to sort out the issues and it is going to take some time. So what do you think about the next iPhone model? Are you ready to pay a little extra to get this model?

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