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Google Pixel 2 May Not Have Headphone Jack

Google Pixel 2 May Not Have Headphone Jack

Google is now working to refresh their Pixel series and they may launch Pixel 2 within next few months. The Pixel series by Google is the new entrant in flagship models. Therefore people can now check this model also if they are looking to purchase a top premium gadget. Some points of this upcoming smartphone clearly show that they are set to compete with other top makers of the market. Latest reports claim that Google may not include headphone jack in Google Pixel 2. Therefore it seems that they are ready to challenge other top brands like Apple and Samsung.

Currently, Google is not doing all the work alone while designing the Pixel models. People close to the industry are saying that HTC is designing the smaller edition of this year’s Pixel model while LG is making the bigger edition. Some images about the model suggest that the gadget can have large Bezels this year. These days the trend of the Bezel-less display is increasing with every passing day. Therefore it is a little surprising for many people. It is not important to have a Bezel-less display in premium models. But the trend is changing day by day and it seems that Google is not looking to follow the current trend.

The images available are just the leaked images. These are not the official images. Therefore it is tough to say if these pictures are of the final product. The gadget is expected to be one of the finest Android models of the market. Experts checked the model last year after the release. They were hopeful that the brand is certainly dependable. The gadget may take some time to increase the total number of sales but it has the potential through which it can lead the industry.

There is another thing which is grabbing the attention of many people. The images hint that Google may include a single sensor for the camera. It will be available in the back section. Many gadgets of the similar range generally have a dual rear camera. So it will be interesting to see how Google is going to make the gadget more beneficial for the users with this capacity. The company is not saying anything about the specifications. These are just the rumours right now. We may see some exclusive features of HTC in this model. HTC brought the special Squeeze-friendly technology through HTC U11. Moreover, BoomSound tech is another thing which we may see in Pixel models. We will discuss the official specifications with you as soon as the makers bring the model into the market.

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