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Motorola Moto X4 Price Revealed Ahead of Launch

Motorola Moto X4 Price Revealed Ahead of Launch

Motorola is getting ready to bring their mid-range model Moto X4 soon. However, ahead of official launch, the price of this model has been leaked online. If you are looking for a midrange smartphone then you can check this model also. There is no doubt that we want a promising smartphone as we are investing our money and this gadget may work as per the expectations. Motorola Moto X4 can have some unique features like MVNO by Google and Project Fi. The smartphone may arrive in two editions. The first edition can have 32GB storage capacity whereas the second model can have the 64GB capacity.

The starting price of this gadget can be $410 only. This price-tag is lower than the expectations because many specialists were hoping that it can be a little costlier than other similar models. The leaked specifications are hinting that this smartphone can surely become one of the finest midrange models in today’s time. The screen-size of this smartphone is 5.2 inches and it has Full HD screen. The gadget may work with Android version 7.1.1. Nougat operating system. Currently, the name of the processor is not clear. Some are claiming that it can have Snapdragon 630 processor while others are saying we may see Snapdragon 660 here. The camera of the model is going to be among the strongest points. The selfie camera is expected to be of 16MP while the rear camera can be of 12MP.

Moto X4 may have Adreno 508 GPU. You may get the option to expand the memory up to 256GB through microSD card. Makers may include a 3000 mAh battery here. Most of the leaked specifications clearly hint that it is going to be an impressive model. The price of the 64GB model may be a little higher than the first model. But the difference may not be huge. We cannot neglect this model if we are looking for a smartphone with impressive features. Moreover, the price-tag is expected to be highly favourable for many people.

The battery of this gadget is the only thing which we should check carefully. Many specifications of this model are equivalent to a premium model. Therefore it is important that battery should work appropriately so that we can access the internet without any difficulty. We may see this model in IFA 2017. So what do you think about Moto X4? Are you going to purchase it?

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