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Apple iPhone 8 May Not Have Bezels

Apple iPhone 8 May Not Have Bezels

Apple is looking to bring the new iPhone by the end of this year. There are two things which are looking almost certain this time. The first thing is the enhanced design with no bezels and the second is the late availability. There were some reports a few weeks ago that Apple has started the mass production of iPhone 8. But now some new reports are narrating a different story this time. People close to the industry are saying that Apple is not getting all the required parts to start the mass production. They have the shortage of OLED version. Therefore the possibilities are that we may get the new model a little late. There are chances that Apple may launch the model by the end of October or November instead of September.

If reports are true then we may see three iPhone models this year. Some specialists are saying that the first two models are expected to be called as iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus with the screen-size of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches respectively. The third model may be called as iPhone 8 that can have the screen-size of 5.8 inches. Now iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus can have LCD display whereas iPhone 8 can have OLED screen. This may be exciting news for many users because they may choose a new model as per their requirements and budget. Some experts are saying that the OLED version is taking some time because the company is facing the shortage of some related components. Therefore they are taking some time to start the production of this specific model.

The unique thing about iPhone 8 will be the removal of chunky bezels. This will surely appear very attractive because the users will get the type of design which will offer them a new experience. Many previous reports have claimed that iPhone 8 can have a bezel-less design. Now it is almost certain that Apple is looking to bring some changes in the design. You may already that Apple is going to celebrate the tenth anniversary of iPhone. Therefore they may offer the kind of product which can be different from the previous versions.

There is another thing which may grab the attention this time. Many people are saying that the smartphone can have a vertically aligned dual camera. Apple may pay attention to AR. Therefore the possibilities are that we may not see horizontally aligned dual rear camera this time. So what are your thoughts about iPhone 8? We will bring you some more information soon.

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