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Samsung May Launch Galaxy S8 Mini with Snapdragon 840 Processor

Samsung May Launch Galaxy S8 Mini with Snapdragon 840 Processor

There is no doubt that hardcore Samsung fans are waiting for Galaxy Note 8 now. However, it seems that one more model will grab the attention in coming weeks and Samsung fans will be delighted to know about it. Some leaked reports are claiming that Samsung is working on the mini edition of Galaxy S8. This is not all. The smartphone is expected to have the unannounced Snapdragon 840 processor. This is undoubtedly good news for those who loved the features of Galaxy S8 but didn’t purchase due to the price.

The cost of Galaxy S8 is the prime reason due to which many people do not prefer purchasing it. Some new reports have also claimed that the overall sale of Samsung Galaxy S8 has slowed down globally. Now the mini edition may arrive as a solution here. It can help Samsung to enhance their base of ‘S’ series models. Moreover, many customers who are looking to purchase a smartphone with flagship features can get a dependable option. It is important to discuss here that Snapdragon 840 processor is expected to be the revamped edition of Snapdragon 820 processor. Therefore it is tough to claim right now that this more powerful than Snapdragon 835. However, users may find modem as well as GPU better than the previous version.

These are not the official details but just some leaked reports. Therefore you should take it accordingly. Some other details say that this model may work with Android version 7.1.2 Nougat operating system and the gadget can have 4GB RAM. Some tests are showing that the processor is giving satisfactory results. So the possibilities of this new processor are there at the time of release. The gadget has been termed as Samsung SM-G9600. Therefore specialists are saying that this model is definitely a new model and not Galaxy Note 8.

Currently, a lot of other tests are still required to be done. Therefore all the permutations and combinations will make the things interesting. Samsung knows it very well that a number of other Android makers will be ready with their models. Therefore they will surely like to offer the kind of model which will compete with those manufacturers who term their models as ‘affordable’ with the ‘newest specifications’. Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini may have 12MP dual pixel camera with 32GB storage capacity. These are the only details available till now. Samsung will definitely aim to make this model the best small smartphone of 2017.

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