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Facebook Messenger’s Home Screen will Have Ads Now

Facebook Messenger’s Home Screen will Have Ads Now

We all know that Facebook frequently shows advertisements to the users. Therefore now some new developments may not surprise many people. The social networking platform has announced officially through their blog post that they are soon going to bring ads to Facebook Messenger. The company was doing some tests from last 6 months in Thailand and Australia. Now they are ready to launch the ads on the messaging platform through Beta mode.

The company will first launch this new feature in Beta mode and after some time it will be available for all the users. This development was expected because a lot of talks were going on from some time about it. Now the messaging platform will also have advertisements which will work very similar to Instagram and Facebook. They will be the tailored advertisements which will grab the attention of the users. The company will start offering these ads to a small number of users at the beginning. It will help them to see the response. Later on, they will start offering the feature to all the Messenger users. We will see these changes by the end of this month.

Facebook is looking to design the ads in a way that users can check it with ease. The whole display will be within the limits of the screen. Therefore users can see the display without any difficulty. However, it is almost certain that many users may not like it. These ads are going to take the space in vertical section. Therefore some users may not like it while checking the messages. The social networking platform has announced that all the Messenger users around the globe may see advertisements within next few weeks. There can be two ways through which people can know the details of businesses through these advertisements. They may either find a new conversational thread within the app or they may visit the website through that advertisement.

It is certain that Facebook will go slowly with this process. The home screen ads in Messenger will take some time as the company is currently working to make the whole process smooth. The Beta edition will give an idea to Facebook to know the progress. Therefore only time will tell if people will like this feature or not. There are chances that many people may shift to Messenger Lite to avoid these ads. It is not uncommon if they like to stay away from this section.

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