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5 Spices for stomach infection

5 Spices for stomach infection

Rainy season is strike in India and Monsoon is at the top. At this time seasonal disease attacking most. In rainy season immune system become weak and indigestion is very common. But one thing that affects most is Stomach infection, especially in small kids and in teen agers.

Stomach infection is caused due to several reasons; it may be cause of drink contaminated water, outsider food, bad hygiene, bacterial food or may be through leafy vegetables which are not good for health in rainy season.

Spices that can cure and protect us from infection and other seasonal diseases:

1 Turmeric: It’s a super antibacterial spice, which can cure any type of infection. Turmeric is a regular spice used in our daily meal. Turmeric contains cur cumin which reduces blood sugar level and inflammation.

2 Black Pepper: Tiny little black rolls are treasure of good health, it’s a dried spice of a flower which contain vitamin A, flavonoids, carotenes, also contain piperine. Black peppers are antibacterial in nature, their outer layer contain phytonutries which help in increases metabolism. You can sprinkle pepper power on salad and fruits also.

3 Cumin: Most common spice used in daily usage. Cumin seeds are used or fried or roasted before usage. Cumin contains protein, carbohydrate, mineral and essential oils which lowers blood content and boosting metabolism. It helps in constipation and strengthens immune system.

4 Carom Seeds (ajwain): Carom seeds are best for indigestion and acidity, it cure cold and cough. Its pungent flavor reduces stomach pain and infection. Carom seeds are rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins and anti oxidants. It boosting immunity make us healthy.

5 Asafoetida( hing): Most common and widely used regular spice, without its any tadka is in complete. Asafoetida is best medicine for stomach pain and infection; it is used as tiny pinch of it in the food, but can effects larger. It contains coumarins and anti oxidants which helps in intestinal worms, acidity and also prevent from constipation.

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